Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Medserv writing to me?

Medserv provides secretarial, administration and billing services to almost 5000 medical providers throughout Ireland and the UK. We may write to you in relation to your medical treatment for various reasons such as invoice payments, appointment confirmations, claim form completions, etc.

Why have I received a bill when I have already paid for this treatment at the hospital?

Hospital fees are separate from the individual doctors fees. If we have sent a bill to you, it would mean that the fee you have paid only covers the hospital facility charges but the treating Consultant has not been paid. If you feel there has been a mistake, please confirm with the hospital whether the fee you have paid includes these fees.

I am a public patient / I have a medical card.

Medical cards do not cover private medical fees. If you have received a bill from Medserv, it means that a healthcare provider has referred you privately or has understood that you were referred privately. If you have initiated your treatment privately, it is not possible to change to public treatment (so-called 'queue jumping') without the treatment timing consequences.

Why am I being asked to sign an insurance claim form when I paid a fee at the clinic already?

Private insurers do not always cover all expenses associated with treatment. It is possible for you to have a consultation with a cardiologist that requires you to pay the Consultant directly and then separately to have an invoice your insurance will cover, like an echocardiogram.

I did not see the doctor who is listed on the invoice / I do not remember being treated by them.

The doctor listed has requested we bill you for this appointment. It is possible you may never meet the Consultant named on your invoice. For example a radiologist who studies your scan images. If you feel there has been a mistake, please contact your surgeon or the Hospital through which you booked the appointment for clarification.

Why did I receive an invoice after such a long time?

We always try to get relevant invoices out as fast as possible, however, sometimes this is not possible. Consultants and/or hospitals are often very busy and sometimes there is a delay in us getting the correct information to help them get paid. Ireland's largest insurer will accept claims up to 6 years from the date of treatment.

Why do I need to fill out the insurance claim form again?

Usually the reason we ask you to fill in an insurance claim form a second time is that your insurer has returned your claim to us requesting additional details. Often insurers will insist that an injury section is completed (even when there was no injury event), your initial claim form may have been misplaced or delayed. Your insurer will only ever pay a valid claim once.

How do I request a copy of a receipt of a payment I made to Medserv?

Please send an email to '' with the subject 'Receipt Request' and your invoice number. In case you don't have it available please provide your full name, date of birth, date of consultation, Consultant name and date of payment.

I have private insurance. Why did I receive an invoice then?

The main reason for this is that your insurer did not cover you for the service in question (e.g. an outpatient xRay or an outpatient ultrasound or an MRI or CT in certain centres). If you believe that your insurer should have covered your treatment directly, please contact them and let us know by email at : quoting your invoice number.

I don't remember the onset date of symptoms. What do I write in the relevant section of my insurance claim form?

Insurers realise that it is hard to remember all information accurately. Your best estimate for the onset date of symptoms etc is OK to put on the form.

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