Medserv - Medical Account Services


GPServ solves the outdated and tedious process of billing for STC’s.

Our solution streamlines this submission process to 30 seconds without the need for any manual input.

Benefits of the System:

  • Cloud based web service
  • Convenience of a tablet and app
  • Also available on smartphones (Convenient for outcalls)
  • Only takes 30 seconds to complete
  • No paperwork required
medical billing app on mobile

No More ...

  • Time wasted on admin by your staff
  • Physical STC forms
  • Time wasted validation Medical Card details
  • Unnecessary STC form filing for your staff
  • Manual input of data to PCRS yourself
  • Uncertainty on how many STC claims you have submitted
  • Time spent chasing STC payments
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medical billing app on mobile

If you would like more information about this service, please contact us today on 01 661 9822 or email or request information here.

Medserv for iPhone and Android available. Download it for free.

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